Health Benefits of the Squat Toilet

Health Benefits of the Squat Toilet (1)

There is one discussion that has been simmering since the 1960s – whether the squat toilet is better for your health or not.

While some people may shy away from this subject, there is need to make things clear once and for all.

The ‘modern’ toilet is to blame

Doctors, naturopaths, and assorted holistic health professionals have been keen to point out the potential hazards of using the modern toilet.

The fact that the toilet is convenient to use cannot be disputed. However, it has one major fault – it requires you to sit. While this may be considered ‘civilized’, studies have revealed how the natural squat position improves your ability to eliminate.

Goo bowel movements, in turn, reduce cases of bloating, straining, constipation and hemorrhoids.


This is a major problem with sitting on your toilet.Health Benefits of the Squat Toilet (1)

When you have fewer than 3 bowel movements per 7 days you’re considered as having constipation.

The bowel is your body’s main elimination organ so whenever it’s functionality is compromised, you get yourself in big trouble. You can relieve and avoid constipation by using the squat toilet or the squatting position.

In this position, the weight of your torso presses against your thighs and naturally compresses the colon.

This pressure is supplemented by gentle pressure exerted from the diaphragm.

Heal hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are inflamed/ swollen veins in the lower rectum and anus.

When you are standing or sitting the bend (a reference to the anorectal angle), upward pressure is exerted to the rectum. This keeps things in place until you’re ready to go.

In other words, the sitting position keeps you in a ‘continence mode’. As is obvious, embracing this position when ‘going’ strains the muscle and makes elimination difficult.

As a result, veins in the rectal tract stretch under pressure and may swell or bulge.

Urinary tract infections

Health Benefits of the Squat Toilet (2)A UTI infection? Not again

Urinary tract infections (UT1s) are very common for women.

When emptying the bladder, it’s much easier and more effective for a lady to urinate when squatting rather than by ‘hovering’ or sitting.

If you suffer from frequent UTI infections then the squatting seat should help you recover.

A simple solution

Other than reducing constipation, hemorrhoids, and the occasional UTI using squatting toilet also prevents pelvic floor disorders and colon disease.

Entrepreneurs have created an ergonomic, comfortable and study squatting toilet which will assist you to achieve a natural squatting position.

Regardless of whether you are pro or anti, you just can’t ignore the fact that the squat toilet better for health.